FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S Lady L

FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S Lady L
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S Lady L

FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S Lady L
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit; Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S - Lady L. The description of this item has been automatically translated. FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit; Swimming suit for women, like the 845XY unisex, fitted cut, modern design, Lady S - Lady L.

FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY - LadyFit. This swimsuit has the same functions and quality as the unisex model 845XY, but the design is a little more modern and its tailored cut is adapted to the female figure.

It is certified as a swimming suit according to ISO 12402-6, has taped seams, a foldable hood, reinforcements at the knee, neoprene cuffs, a high collar with fleece and an integrated belt. The suit has several pockets, the chest pockets are insulated with fleece and the zippers are water-repellent.

There are additional pockets on the upper arm and both trouser legs. There is also an interior zippered pocket.

SOLAS reflective film was used as a reflector. With this suit you get a light but warm and very comfortable swimming suit. Material: 100% PU coated 300D nylon with taped seams. 300D reinforcements on the knee. 2 fleece insulated chest pockets with water-repellent YKK zippers.

Adjustable arm and foot cuffs. Pocket on the upper arm (not waterproof). Mesh drainage at cuffs and ankles. Very comfortable and good wearing comfort.

Please note that the swimming suit alone does not guarantee rescue. It serves as a swimming aid and protects against hypothermia. Depending on the water temperature, it delays the time until hypothermia occurs, thus creating a time buffer for the rescue. From a safety point of view, one-piece suits are preferable as they do not allow water to circulate.

This is heated by body heat and forms an insulating layer. It is also recommended to wear suitable underwear. These suits also protect against the first cold shock when falling into it.

The suits have a buoyancy force of 50N. An average person needs 20-30N to stay afloat. It is therefore more important to have a better seat than to choose the exact weight class.

The FLADEN one-piece swimming suit is certified as an immersion suit according to ISO 15027-1, which is not possible with two-piece suits. One of the conditions of this certification is that the wearer's body temperature does not drop by more than 2°C within an hour in 5°C cold water.

The tests with the FLADEN Flotation Suit showed that body temperature only fell by 1.2C. Cold protection according to ISO 15027-1 Class D. Protection from cold water depends on the insulation of the suit in proportion to the water temperature.

The estimated thermal protection times of this suit go from the table below. In order to achieve these values, appropriate underwear must also be worn. At least the following underwear is required. Long sleeve shirt and trousers. Key facts at a glance.

The next fishing trip is just around the corner. Every time you ask yourself whether the fishing equipment is still suitable. You constantly hear in forums or from like-minded people how much effort you have to put in to catch that one really big, fat fish. There is hardly any mention of fishing for target fish. Opinions differ, particularly when it comes to the question of the right bait.

More and more Norwegian anglers are reporting that the biggest chunks were caught, especially with artificial baits such as rubber fish and twisters. Nevertheless, most fish are still caught with pilkers of different shapes and sizes. After almost 20 years of experience in fishing in Norway, we have put together our range for you. Lady S - Lady L.
FLADEN Flotation Suit 845XY-LadyFit Swimsuit for Ladies Lady S Lady L

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